March 20, 2020

Dear South Patrick Family and Friends,

I am writing this with a heavy heart for our country and for the world in which we live. Whoever would have imagined we would be faced with the circumstances we are in today! We are trusting the storm will soon pass and that we will be seeing things in the rear-view mirror. Until then, having heard counsel from federal, state, and local authorities, and in consultations with our deacons, we think it wise to cancel all services, both Sunday and Wednesday, (beginning immediately) until further notice. During this time I ask us all to do the following:

1. Let us seek God’s face and encourage others to do the same. He is still on His throne and is still in control! He desires to hear from us and wants to help us. II Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 91:14-16; Isaiah 41:10; Jeremiah 33:3; Matthew 7:7-8; and many other passages remind us of this

2. Using a good devotional book and/or the Word of God, especially the Psalms, spend time with your family sharing and in prayer. We need to pray for ourselves, our families, and for others – both governments and people – the world over. 3. Having prayed for others, we encourage each one of you to contact another person – by phone, text, mail, or other method. Let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers. Ask if they have needs that you or the church can be of help with. Let us know.

4. Remember to pray for churches everywhere and especially for South Patrick Baptist Church. We need God’s help and your help as we are “laborers together.” The finances of our church are low and our faithfulness in praying, reaching out through ministry, and in our giving will determine whether or not we continue to touch lives, both locally and to the ends of the earth, as we are commanded.

5. Continue to follow the guidance of the authorities for personal hygiene and social distancing, etc.

Folks, it’s time to act. Let’s rise up and work as though everything depends upon us, and pray as though everything depends upon God. Both of these are true! We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed. Know that you are continually in our thoughts and prayers.

We love you all dearly! Please pray for us.

Your pastor and friend,
Al Evans