May 29, 2020

Dear Friends,

As we anticipate the reopening of the facilities of SPBC, I would like to share with you my profound
gratitude for several things.

First, I am thankful to God for His mercy in sparing us, as a fellowship, from the Covid-19 virus. We have
not, as far as I know, had any illnesses or deaths related to this pandemic. We have had both illness and
death from other things, and my heart goes out to you who have lost family members and for still others
who are enduring physical and other types of afflictions. My prayer is that God will comfort and help all
who are in need of His touch. Please know you all are often in our thoughts and prayers.

Second, I would like to thank our church secretary, Mrs. Deanne Bramlett, our treasurer, Bro. Dennis
Myers, our deacons, Brothers Larry Sprague, Lee, Kjesbo, Mike Vick, Jim Musgrove, and Dennis Myers.
All of you have helped in so many, many ways. Especially do I want to thank Bro. Larry and his lovely
wife Mel, who have helped us all stay in touch with each other and to carry on online with the Bible
teaching and preaching ministries of SPBC. We would have been lost without these dear ones.

Finally, thanks to all the others of you, too numerous to mention by name, who have labored with us in
doing God’s work. You have prayed, given of yourselves, encouraged others, reached out to meet the
needs of others, supported the ministry of SPBC financially, and made visits, phone calls, etc.

I cannot thank you all enough. You are a joy to work with. Thank God that He has witnessed it all, made
a record of it, and declared that each cup of cold water given in His name will be rewarded.

Let’s all hang tough and stay faithful. Love you guys and gals!

Your pastor and friend,

Al Evans

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